Finally, a better way to deliver real property assessment data to the public

What is PROS?

The PROS website application, developed by GAR Associates, is a new, online interface for towns and municipals to deliver their real property assessments to the public with a few clicks.

PROS by GAR Associates

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Why Choose PROS?

Great Price

We offer a competitive/equal subscription based price

Great Support

Excellent customer service with live person customer support

Great Experience

Our software offers a user friendly interface

Great Team

Highly experienced team who work with property data systems

Why Our Clients Love PROS

“I am so happy and impressed with ‘all things GAR’: professionalism, communication with all involved – to include the public, friendliness, timeliness, accuracy, attention to detail, knowledge, flexibility, and efficiency. I never felt that any question or concern was not heard or addressed, even those that exceeded the scope of work.”
Mrs. Rebecca Baker Assessor
Town of Lancaster, Erie County NYS
GAR Associates

The PROS software is designed, developed and developed by GAR Associates

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